Hire Guru Professional

  • Consult with your team to build a competency model.
  • Write the job placement ad to match the competency model as well as the demographic you are trying to attract.
  • We consult with the Devine Group to build a Devine Inventory based on your model.
  • Post the job on job boards including a custom ad on LinkedIn
  • Create custom Interview
  • Screen resumes and upload to your InnerVue site
  • Assess all candidates with the Devine Inventory that pass the resume screening
  • Place the candidates that have appropriate Devine scores into your InnerVue site
  • Using the HG Scorecard, rate all applicants
  • Review each candidate’s complete file and recap to hiring team
  • Suggest appropriate candidates for a face-to-face interview and agree on finalists.
  • Conduct compensation plan/expectations call with finalist.
  • Schedule the candidate’s interview
  • Conduct the interviews
  • Have finalists schedule phone conversation with two former managers.

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