InnerVue® Tools

Competency Model
Before anyone sets out to hire, first build a model of what you are looking for. Using this tool will allow you to shorten the time of the process and force you to rank the importance of the competencies so that you will have the “must haves” and the “nice to haves” Not sure what they should be? We have suggestions for you.
Link our InnerVue® site to your Apply Here button on company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Your candidates have the ability to upload their resume, create their video, take assessments, and answer your screening questions. As the hiring manager you get an auto-generated email when they complete a task. Once the candidate registered they receive your customized instructions and deadlines in their inbox.
AudioVue is our proprietary screening software. The hiring manager loads questions for a candidate(s) to view, they answer the questions verbally into their computer. The candidate has no forewarning of the question and each answer has a time limit. There are no “do-overs”, we want to simulate a candid phone screen. Typically for this screening we suggest 8-10 questions and a response time of two minutes. Once the candidate answers the question, they hit the submit button and the next question appears immediately. What this allows is for the candidate to be screened when it is convenient for them and for you and others to listen and evaluate at your convenience. There is a comment box for each answer for you and other decision makers to make comments on their answers if you choose.
When a candidate goes through the process, they have some pressure, and they should after all they are applying for a sales or sales management position. We give them a chance to show us their best. Each candidate uploads a 90 second You Tube video describing why they should be hired. No other instructions. They have control (unlike their screening questions) to redo this until they have it right. Some are very creative.
InterVue Generator
Being an expert at everything is not easy. You may have an HR person with little time to create a Behavioral Interview based on the competencies you need. We have built this tool so that once the competencies are ranked, you choose from several questions from each competency, click on the questions you prefer and a PDF is created so that you or your people are ready to interview.
Talent Bank
Have you ever lost track of a candidate’s file you liked but didn’t hire? When you have more than one candidate, send the others to the Talent Bank. Here they are stored on your secure site in order by city, position, etc. When you have an open position search your Talent Bank first.