How It Works

Step 1 – Build a Competency Model

Using our Competency Model Tool will help you build a model for the position. We will have you force rank the competencies so we get to a group of “must have” and “like to have” competencies.

Step 2 – Post the Job

Using your Competency Model as your guide, create the job posting. Tell the candidate what you are looking for and more of the right people will apply, and more of the wrong ones will stay away. Don’t “blue sky” the job, be straight. Post your job to your LinkedIn or any social media accounts.

Step 3 – Candidates Connect

Candidates link to your job posting and upload their resume, register at InnerVue® and begin the process. If assessment is required by your company, the candidate is asked to complete this assessment and results are uploaded to their InnerVue® dashboard for review by other hiring executives.

Step 4 –InnerVue® online process

If the assessments are a match for your competency model the candidate moves forward. They have two assignments:
Create a 90 second You Tube video describing why they are the best candidate.
Answer 8-10 timed questions using AudioVue.
This entire process takes your candidate less than an hour.

Step 5 – Review your InnerVue® Candidates

When the candidate has completed online assignments you are notified via email. Candidates are ready for review. Anytime, anywhere, from any computer, I-Pad, Smart Phone, etc. by various executives spanning any time zone. Hiring Executives can enter in comments on the site with regard to each candidate.

Step 6 – Interview Preparation & In Person Interview

Qualified candidates can be phoned by your hiring team to briefly (5-7 minutes of phone conversation) discuss compensation plan and expectations. Got a match or two? Schedule face to face interviews. Our InterVue Generator will help you generate a professional interview. An easy to use point and click tool that creates questions based on the competency model. Using all of the data you have gathered through the screening process you will now be able to run a very good interview. If you need additional help, we are a phone call away.