1. To Get Your Salespeople Using Your Sales System and Not Their Own

Every company should have their own selling system and their own sales template. If a company does not Onboard new hires to their system they will end up managing as many sales systems as they have salespeople.

  1. Protect Your Investment

When a company hires a salesperson they are making a large investment in future revenue. Proper Onboarding will generate a higher return on that investment.

  1. Your People Want to Succeed

When a company has chosen a new salesperson by using a solid hiring process, they have a new hire that wants to succeed. Not only do they want to hit the company goals, they want to hit their revenue goals. If they know you are helping them ramp up faster, they feel appreciated and valued.

  1. Get New Salespeople Up-To-Speed Faster

One of the biggest frustrations of sales managers and executives is the length of time it takes to get a new salesperson to produce revenue. Onboarding properly reduces the gap between dollars invested and revenue generated.

  1. Improve The Company’s Ideal Client Ratio

New salespeople often gravitate to smaller less profitable business due to their comfort zones. Onboarding them properly will enhance their confidence and ability to generate more sales to “ideal” clients and increase profitability.

  1. Helps Companies Attract Better Candidates

Onboarding properly will provide companies with a better pool of candidates. Salespeople sell because of the earning potential and control of their future. Word will get out on how a company handles new salespeople and the best will go where they have the best chance to hit their goals.

  1. Provides Early Detection of Poor Performance

Even though a company uses a good hiring process they will sometimes hire the wrong person. An effective Onboarding Plan will detect that early. If redeployment needs to happen it will be discovered sooner rather than later saving the company thousands of dollars.