manpickingWhile first impressions are important, some hiring managers rely on first impressions way too much. Our process reins in this sometimes overwhelming desire to go for the best looking frosted cupcake in the bakery window, while overlooking those equally delicious lemon squares.    Many of you business owners can relate and can recall times when you’ve hired what you thought was a “Rock Star” but 3 to 6 months into the job you discover you have a sales person who is only throwing rocks at stars.   Boy, what a wake up call!

The HIREGURU process delves into the subtle behavior and skills of candidates, without being swayed by those tempting lists of credentials, glitzy resumes, cute shoes, or tales of great sales successes from the applicant.  With a road map outlined in your competency model and adhering to that during the process of screening and interviewing, the truly qualified candidates with those qualities and behaviors you are looking for are revealed.   Money saved.

If we can keep in check our gut instinct to hire at “love at first sight” and really examine the candidate, we save time and money.  HIREGURU does just that!