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InnerVue® does it right.

We have screened and interviewed thousands of salespeople. We have a process and we do not deviate from it.

Need results?

Facilitate fast ramp-up.

Use Onboarding PlanTM to teach, coach, observe, and provide accountability company wide.


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Hire the right people


The ones you have now, and the ones you would like to have.

You need a new hire now and don’t always have or take the time to do it right. InnerVue® allows your people to do it right, without giving up their other responsibilities. If you put prospective hires through the right process with the right tools, the good ones will stand out from the mediocre ones.

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save money by hiring the right people


Hiring the wrong salesperson typically costs a company over $150,000 even if you redeploy that person in six months. Hiring the wrong person in any job is very expensive.

You can make more money, you can’t make more time. InnerVue® software eliminates hundreds of hours typically spent with hiring and on-boarding a new person properly.

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Hiring Tools


Imagine a software engine that eliminated phone screens, made the answers candidates give available to hiring managers on their phone, computer, I-Pad. Imagine a tool that helped you build a model based on competencies of the ideal candidate, then created an interview based on that model, and once allowed you to track the on-boarding process in real time. That tool is Innervue®.

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Eddie Huff, the Hire Guru
Focus on Interview Screening

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Eddie Huff, the Hire Guru
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